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Popular JobsAnalystAssociate AnalystData AnalystSenior Software EngineerSoftware EngineerAssociate ConsultantEngineerQuality AnalystSenior AnalystSenior Test EngineerSoftware Test EngineerTest EngineerConsultantBusiness AnalystLead AssociateQuality Assurance AnalystAds ReviewerAssistant ManagerSenior Lead EngineerDeveloperGIS AnalystQuality Assurance ManagerSenior Quality AnalystTeam LeaderAccountantConsulting EngineerGoogle Search AnalystQuality Assurance EngineerSenior EngineerSenior Quality Assurance EngineerAssociateAutomation EngineerChief Technology OfficerDevelopment AssociateExecutiveGIS RepresentativeHuman Resources Business PartnerHuman Resources CoordinatorHuman Resources ManagerInternJava DeveloperManagerResearch AnalystRisk AnalystSenior AssociateSenior Software Test EngineerSoftware TraineeSolution ArchitechSr.AnalystSubject Matter ExpertTest AnalystTest LeadAccounts AssistantAdministratorAnalistaAnalytics ConsultantAndroid DeveloperAssociate DesignerBBM with 2 years experienceBusiness Intelligence DeveloperC++ DeveloperData ScientistDatabase AdministratorDatabase AnalystDirector of EngineeringDirector of Sales and MarketingDirector of TechnologyFront End DeveloperGIS DeveloperGIS SpecialistGestor/a de proyectosHuman Resources AssociateHuman Resources SpecialistIT ManagerIT RecruiterInfrastructure EngineerIngeniero/a de softwareJunior Data ScientistJunior Software EngineerKnowledge EngineerLanguage SpecialistLeadLead AnalystLocatorMarketing AnalystMember of ITMiddleware AdministratorNaOperations AnalystOperations LeadOperations ManagerPenetration TesterPerformance EngineerPresenterPrincipal ArchitectPrincipal Software EngineerProduct ManagerProduct OwnerProgrammer AnalystProject ManagerQA automation engineer/aQuality ControllerRelease EngineerSales RepresentativeSalesforce DeveloperSecurity SupervisorSenior .NET DeveloperSenior Associate ConsultantSenior Associate EngineerSenior ConsultantSenior Crew MemberSenior Data AnalystSenior Database AdministratorSenior GIS AnalystSenior IT ManagerSenior ManagerSenior Quality Assurance AnalystSenior Quality SpecialistSenior Risk AnalystSenior Solution ArchitectSenior System EngineerSenior Team LeaderService AssociateSite LeadSoftware ArchitectSoftware Engineer InternSpecialistSpecialist AnalystSr.Analyst / LeadStaż/praktyki w dziale sprzedażySupport EngineerSystem EngineerSystems AnalystTableau DeveloperTechnical Project ManagerTechnologistTraineeTrainee EngineerTrainerWarehouse LeadWeb developerWireless EngineerWorking knowledge and proficiency in SQL, PLSQLWorks ManageriOS Developer評価・テスト

Overall Reviews at GlobalLogic

Junior Data Scientist | Gurgaon, Haryana | 18 Oct 2019
amazing Job Work/Life Balance
Working with Machine Learning/Deep learning frameworks e.g Computer Vision, Object Detection, Feature Detection, Object Recognition, Object Tracking, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, TensorFlow, Theano, SKlearn. Conducing advanced statistical analysis to provide actionable insights, identify trends, and measure performance also developing new technological ways for solving high-end problems with data science & analytics. Engaging with businesses to understand their problems, then mapping business problems back to mathematical, statistical, or computational frameworks. Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques. Enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems. Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis. Doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner. Creating automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of its performance
Associate Consultant | Noida, Uttar Pradesh | 21 Oct 2012
A start-up type company whose quality has degraded with time
I started with the company when it was in it's nascent stages (2006) and was called Induslogic. During that time, it was recognized as the new kid on the block that was exciting, fun to work for and almost like a start-up. Kudos to the founding management for making it like that. Work was fun, enjoyable and one wanted to come into office everyday. People had a great attitude towards making things happen. However, things changed with time as the company got bigger. The quality of projects degraded and it became more like any other outsourced company with take sub-standard work. The quality of hiring also took a hit. These are natural when a company is growing. When I had left the company after 3 yrs., almost all the founding management had left the board, there were many layoffs in the financial crisis and work was just another usual affair. I could see that the initial sunshine days and culture were lost.
Prosgood career advancement, culture
Consanother body shop by the end of it
Engineer | Hyderabad, Telangana | 21 Apr 2017
Fairly competitive environment with some balance
I was hired at GlobalLogic and immediately staffed at Google. While I didn't spend any time at a GlobalLogic work space, the department that I was a part of had a work culture that was heavily influenced by Google. They had a well organised system to monitor and optimise daily productivity. Weekly performance updates helped keep everyone on track and monthly incentives factored into making the environment fairly competitive and challenging. Some colleagues had a very strong work ethic and this pushed me to keep improving myself. On the more fun side, working at Google came with perks like free food, transportation and hangout zones with indoor games for work stress relief.
ProsFree lunches, transportation and play areas
ConsShort breaks
Data Analyst | Gurgaon, Haryana | 21 Nov 2017
Globallogic is a good company but the life and workbalance is not good at all. Management is not appropriate.
Globallogic is a good company but the work culture and the working environment is not good. It is the fault of upper management only and the work also is not good. Rubbish company. The employees of this company is showing dedication and devotion to their work but company not bothering even for a single employee they show that employee is a person who have his own profit in working for this company and they show that they have no care and regard towards the employees of this company. Foolish management rubbish company.
ProsFree lunch, dinner, snacks, free cabs
ConsWork environment, Client based work is poor and it is not a learning based. Work culture is not good at all
Test Analyst | Chennai, Tamil Nadu | 12 Jan 2023
4 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? Team Culture, Being able to understand diver projects carried out by team member. What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Since its a service company and we will work as contractors for client projects, sometimes work environment can be challenging. Not will there be a requirement to adapt to Globallogic's work culture but also with client organizations work culture as well. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? Very inclusive What is a typical day like for you at the company? Attending morning stand up with the team, checking day to day task and mails from client teams, collaborate and work on tasks, attend client meeting.
Google Search Analyst | Hyderabad, Telangana | 22 Sept 2016
Good company to get lots of knowledge of different process.
=>A Good Place to Work at.Got to know different type's of wok and process. Worked here with different process about 8 process.I have learned very much in this about office Etiquette and different types of tools and maps usage and testing. =>I can't give any comment's on management, co-workers are awesome friendly and always ready to help personally and professionally . =>The most enjoyable part of my job is I got to work in so many different process that got lots of knowledge out of it and got to work with so many different leads and trainers,that i got how to lead a team i some day i need to be.
Prosfacilities like:Food and Transport and various other facts.
Associate Consultant | Noida, Uttar Pradesh | 22 Jul 2016
Work Life Balance
I loved GlobalLogic. The kind of facilities, I always love to work in such companies. They made me feel like my home. Everything is well organized. The working timings, the transport facility is amazing. People are well mannered. I know every one has that negative side. But, at GL you wont find that despite someone has it. Job Security is less. You cant survive and sometime i think the Human Resource dept doesn't know how to fit the right kind of people at the right place. there they lack and that is the main loopholes of GL. Culture, worklife balance, Salary, Transportation everything is amazing.
ProsEveryone is nice
ConsHiring people which doesnt have the right set of skills.
Quality Assurance Engineer | Noida, Uttar Pradesh | 19 Sept 2014
JBoss, Manual / Automation / Load Testing, MySql, Postgresql, Linux, SIP, QTP, GSM, Perl / Shell, Web Services / SOAP 2.0, SNMP Simulator, JMete
Create the test schedule (tasks, dependencies and assigned team members) Plan, organize and lead the testing kick-off meeting Plan and organize training for the Software Test Engineers Getinformation on the latest releases/ builds from the development team/ the client Communicate with the client or on site/ offshore team members, as required Consolidate and report test results to the concerned stakeholders track the new/ updated requirements in the project and modify testing artifacts accordingly
Senior Associate Consultant | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 12 Jul 2017
Worst Company in my entire carrier
Please don't join this company, they will deploy you with various clients and once you return back to parent office if there are no projects in pipeline they may ditch you any time without giving you notice period time nor salary. If their arises any issue at the client place, even if it isn't your fault or a minor issue it will be escalated to higher level just to please the client manager, you will be asked to write apology mail to the client manager seeking his forgiveness. It's kinda total slavery, you are never allowed to disobey your client manager as if he owns you.
Senior Software Engineer | Haryana | 27 Sept 2017
worst place to work
Management is really a big torture. They like boot lickers, no appreciation to the resource those who work on time, apart from that huge pressure to meet deadlines. Everything they gave to Team leader, who sucks employees a lot. Management only listen to Team Lead, which is biggest issue. No leave trackers no portals, everything is completely manual. HR team bluffs a lot while hiring and gave lots of fake commitment which they won't fulfill once we enter into the Den.
Prosfree Lunch and Cabs if you work only for google vendor
Consmanagement and HR
Project Manager | Украина | 23 Feb 2023
Strongly recommended
As someone who has worked for this company for many years, I can confidently say that it has a lot of pros. One of the biggest strengths is the strong corporate culture that permeates throughout the organization. From the top leadership down to individual teams, there is a clear set of values and a commitment to upholding them. Additionally, the leadership at all levels is extremely competent and dedicated to driving success for the company and its employees. They are approachable, supportive, and provide clear guidance and feedback to help you grow professionally. One of the things I appreciate most about working here is the emphasis on work-life balance. The company understands that employees have lives outside of work and offers flexible scheduling and remote work options when possible. This has allowed me to prioritize my personal life while still advancing my career. Overall, I would definitely recommend this company to my friends who are looking for a supportive work environment with opportunities for growth and a healthy work-life balance.
ProsEducational opportunities L&D Department (tons of trainings - programming languages, QA, DevOps and more. R&D.
ConsSometimes the project simply doesn't match your expectations (Work with your manager to solve this).
iOS Developer | United States | 6 Feb 2013
March 2010 - Present
 FIOS TV is an application for the iPad that allows user to use their Verizon FIOS account to perform a number of different tasks. Such tasks include; watching over 75 channels of live TV, command set top box DVR recordings, view TV program guides, filter content at the touch of a button, and use the iPad as a remote to control their set top boxes across the home  Very attractive UI was developed by in-house graphic design team and implemented by development team  Primary architecture used are MVC and Singleton  Heavy use of UIKit framework was implemented to display extremely unique UI  Work within the current Global Logic team to help maintain a proper response time for deliverables to Verizon  Stability and performance issues across all versions of the iPad  Extensive product debugging and testing  SVN repository was used for version control and IDE used to connect to repository was Versions  Requires iOS 5.1 or later and developed using Xcode 4.5  UI and Application Designing using Storyboards  Fixed and removed XCode Analyzer warnings  Fixed and removed XCode 5.1 warnings  Fixed iPad 1 Thumbnail with JSON injection  Fixed memory leaks  Insert new functionality with a non-response auto sleep timer  Removal of unused images and nib files from project
Engineer | Украина | 30 Apr 2023
Tough clients and challenging projects
GlobalLogic is one of three best companies to work in Ukraine. Good salaries challenging projects a lot of opportunities for upskilling and gain more experience in your role. Supportive management and collaborative environment inside the project teams, but certainly it depends a lot from a team manager. Company has engineering centers across the Globe, so you will get a support in case of relocation to other country. Other perks are health insurance or wellbeing deposit, internal self-education portal, individual development plans, trainings and certification trainings, paid bench, etc. In my case after three months of paid bench I had to leave the company due to shortage of active projects in a country to which I voluntary relocated.
ProsSupportive team, industry best practices, job opportunities globally, all work modes can be accepted, good salary and bonuses, paid bench
ConsSometimes tough clients and challenging projects
Senior Analyst | Austin, TX | 31 Mar 2022
good job for recent grads but try to get a better job before taking on new responsibilities here
Pros: its an easy job, if you are just a basic analyst you make decent money without doing much work, won't have to work weekends. once you get your 8 hours you can just leave and not worry about being called in Cons: very stingy with the pay raises despite bragging about how they are making billions in profit, training for almost everything including leadership positions is either rushed or non existent, a lot of scummy things happen like promoting you verbally but never actually documenting until almost a year later. it so you'll be doing leadership level work while still making the same analyst pay. if you care too much about employees you are getting demoted, people have been fired for asking for raises, we were also called entitled by HR for asking about raises.
Quality Assurance Manager | Brampton, ON | 4 May 2019
Work culture is pretty different than Toronto companies. Most of the employees work more than 12 hours and most of the weekends for no reason. What I understood was most of the offshore people so worried about loosing job, so they wanted to work hard and prove their self better than others, not friendly with each other, more competition. I believe most of the Asian companies has that culture, because their supply is more than demand. so there are enough employees to work hard. Management can give pressure on dead lines, nobody will say no. Here we have so many commitments other than work, example we have to pick up our child from daycare before 6pm. Therefore we cant work long hours everyday.
ProsLunch outings
Consvery aggressive, no balance on family life

Questions And Answers about GlobalLogic

Why did you leave your job at GlobalLogic Technologies Limited?
Asked 15 Mar 2017
This year they made a mockery of Employee Awards, gifting people things like Notebook, Post it notes
Answered 22 Mar 2018
Project transition to Infosys
Answered 24 Nov 2017
What is the company culture at GlobalLogic?
Asked 25 Apr 2017
Comfortable place to start your career.
Answered 22 Nov 2017
Company culture is rubbish and i seriously do not suggest anyone for globallogic it is very bad company. If one can only do fun and enjoyment so in that way company is good but when we talk about work it is pathetic it is rubbish company
Answered 21 Nov 2017
How did you feel about telling people you worked at GlobalLogic?
Asked 18 Apr 2017
The best work culture . There is work life balance here. Fun and work both exist here simultaneously. there is proper growth and benefit for employee.
Answered 22 Jul 2017
This is my 1st employer very good employer.
Answered 4 Jul 2017
How does someone get hired at GlobalLogic? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 23 Mar 2017
Keep searching on the job portals,approach global logic employees for referral
Answered 20 Aug 2017
The best one
Answered 22 Jul 2017
How often do you get a raise at GlobalLogic?
Asked 7 Dec 2022
Yearly, underpaid
Answered 22 May 2023
Answered 28 Apr 2023