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Technical Support Engineer | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 15 Nov 2022
Productive and knowledgeable workspace
working at HP is a great experience the managers and team lead are very supporting and you get to learn new things every now and then most enjoyable part it being at office doesn't tire me out due the environment friendly workplace
Customer Service Team Lead | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 8 Aug 2022
Very productive work culture
Best in the professional industry to nurture talent to the future world. Perfect work culture and balanced life. It's teaches everyone on their correct career path and to be a professional.
Technical Support Specialist | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 24 Jan 2023
Productive and fun work place ,good growth ,friendly environment
It's good place to work.not much work burden Work life is balanced. All managers and colleagues are very friendly and helpful.good exposure on technicals Good hikes and promotions.
Technical Support Engineer | India | 1 Feb 2023
Its a very casual and business oreied office
Greate place to work with excellent work-life balance. Since its an international company you have opportunities to network and interact with different teams through out the world.
Java Developer | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 16 Jul 2022
Productive and fun workplace
It was a great experience to work with supporting environment in HP. I got to learn a lot regarding technologies. Team well responds to resolve the problems.
Supervisor | Dapoli, Maharashtra | 22 Jan 2023
Pruthviraj yuvraj kamble
Pruthviraj yuvraj kamble At Akurde post sule Dist Kolhapur
ProsKampani me aacha kam hona chaiye
Industrial Engineer | Corvallis, OR | 13 Dec 2022
2 stars
What is the best part of working at the company? Flexible work schedule with some managers What is the most stressful part about working at the company? Some managers blindsided you at the annual review with horrible feedback to place you in the lower rankings so their favorite employees could get a bigger raise and you get none. Very stressful to figure out how to get out from under the bad managers. What is the work environment and culture like at the company? Ever since the first wave of work force reductions it has become a culture of scarcity of resources and competition to not be on the annual wfr cut list. Too bad it being managed that way now. Used to be a culture of abundance and high potential. No longer the case. Folks keep their secret sauce to themselves to survive in the work force cut culture. What is a typical day like for you at the company? Work long hours on sometimes good projects and sometimes not so good projects. There is always a mix of both happening simultaneously.
Field Service Technician | Remote | 12 Jan 2023
Travel travel travel.
If you enjoy traveling and driving on the day fo day bases this job is for you. For someone that is certified pay is alright - however there is amazing overtime pay. Vehicle, gas card, insurance is provided and company card for travel expenses. It's a very stressful environment. Depending on who your manager is it could be a pleasant or horrid experience. Very messy in my experience. Biased. And just not the best management in some Texas areas. You'll be troubleshooting not only laptops, pc, printers but all kinds of hardware even third party. So it just depends on the person and how diverse you'd like your days to be. If you enjoy daily change and routes this jobs for you...otherwise don't bother. It's stressful.
Asistente de reclutamiento y selección | Tlaquepaque, Jal. | 9 Jan 2023
Hay demasiada gente que no hace nada en HP, por lo que el trabajo recae en algunos pocos; es muy difícil despidan a alguien. El trabajo en equipo depende del área, estuve en áreas dónde todos colaborábamos y otras donde la gente era cizañoza, incluidos managers, si tienes suerte tus managers te ayudan a crecer, pero hay áreas con actitud de cangrejos, y al final por eso esas áreas están tan pérdidas y desorganizadas. Tienen prestaciones algo decentes para lo que México suele otorgar, pero con el paso de los años son casi iguales a las de cualquier empresa en México.
ProsRenombre, trabajo en equipo y aprendizaje (depende del área)
ConsPocos trabajan, casi nadie tiene buen nivel de inglés (Latinos)
Technical Support | Rio Rancho, NM | 30 Sept 2022
Technical Support and Leadership
My original position was fantastic, great support and team leaders, for 1year and 7 months, data entry, it was great, then the position was phased out and I was placed in a very unfamiliar technical support position because of my voice and communication skills, not my technical skills, I was miserable, initially in training support was fine, but after training, thrown to the wolves, no support, set up to fail unless you’re a very Tech Savvy individual, the last 5 months of employment were miserable. Again, if you are very Tech Savvy, it can be great.
ProsGreat if Tech Savvy
ConsHigh Stress no support
OSA | Ciudad de México | 23 Jun 2022
Buen ambiente laboral
Muy pocas veces se tiene contacto con los jefes y no suelen dar mucho seguimiento, hay que estar insistiendo muy constantemente para poder realizar algo. La actitud del personal es muy accesible y como tal la empresa se preocupa por su personal siempre y cuando estés en el corporativo, si estás en alguna localidad externa no suele ni considerarte.
ProsSeguro gastos mayores, vales de despensa y restaurante
ConsSi no estás en corporativo suelen ignorarte para cualquier cuestión
Firmware Engineer | Vancouver, WA | 22 Aug 2022
Great colleagues. incredibly poor and inefficient managers
Terrible management above first level. will make you work weekends and evenings without any discernable benefit to you in form of bonus or anything else. Will can you for making too much and move you over for new blood wihtout any consideration to loyalty or your contributions. Layed someone off who was 1 month from retirement while I worked there.
Supply Chain Specialist | Houston, TX | 4 Aug 2022
Overall a decent place to work
Can't complain too much. It is overall a good place to work with good people. Company definitely worries about Wall Street a lot. Great work life balance but at the cost of a better salary.
ProsGood people, great WLB, benefits are decent, lots of ability to WFH still
ConsPay is less than competitors form what I have learned, never seem to plan much for the future and only worried about the current quarter and next
Student Intern | San Diego, CA | 15 Aug 2022
Cool tech company, enjoyed my engineering internship!
HP is a cool place with cool technology to be a part of. I think compensation could have been more competitive but in exchange you get an interesting work environment that your friends and family can relate to. Lots of fun intern events. Printers are cool, VR is cool. Free drinks. Engineers seemed to work a bit of overtime to stay on track with projects.
Customer service | Guadalajara, Jal. | 7 Jun 2022
Cuídate del Burn Out
Esto es algo que me hubiera gustado saber: El "HP way" es una promesa vacía, no vayas con muchas esperanzas de mejorar, ni de obtener ningún aumento si te contratan directamente. El abuso de poder es algo habitual y Si pueden usarte lo harán hasta el cansancio y tanto otros jefes como recursos humanos van a hacer la vista gorda; así que cuida tu salud mental.
Developer | California | 26 Oct 2022
HP is little below other employers in my opinion
I would work in a HP environment again. I have very strong work habits focusing on problem solving especially on the business data completeness and integrity often requiring integration with external systems, even manual processing sometimes. SQL is my primary skill, especially when formulating complicated advanced solutions.

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