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Popular JobsCustomer Service RepresentativeFlight AttendantSecurity OfficerExecutiveGround StaffAssistant ManagerSenior Customer Service RepresentativeSenior Executive CoordinatorAircraft Maintenance TechnicianAirport ExecutiveAssociateManagerCatererCustomer Relations RepresentativeExecutive OfficerTechnical OfficerAOCSAccount ExecutiveIT EngineerLoaderOperations AdministratorOperations ManagerParamedicRamp OfficerSecurity GuardSenior Flight AttendantTrainer15 years5 yearsAdministration ManagerAeronautical EngineerAircraft MechanicAirhostessAirline ManagerAirline staff in deta entryAirport ManagerAirport RepresentativeAny airlines jobArmy OfficerAssisting the passengersAssociate DesignerAvionics TechnicianBaggage HandlerCSOCaptainCargo AgentCargo ManagerChief Operating OfficerCleanerClerkCorporate TrainerCustomer Care SpecialistCustomer Service ManagerCustomer Support RepresentativeEngineerExecutive HousekeeperFirst OfficerFraud AnnalystFront Desk AgentGSEHelpdeskHelper ka bhi mil jaegaHuman Resources AssociateHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources ManagerIndigo Airlines is good companyInflight Standards ManagerJunior TechnicianLOAD AND TRIM OFFICERLogistics AssociateLoodarMIS ExecutiveMarketerMarketing Communications CoordinatorNAOffice AdministratorOffice AideOperations OfficerPilotQuality EvaluatorRamp officerSCASSC staffSales ExecutiveSales ManagerSecurity ScreenerSecurity SupervisorSenior CaptainSenior Executive AssistantSenior Operations ManagerSenior Quality Control InspectorSenior Sales ManagerServerService AssistantService ManagerSix months experience in indigoSubject Matter ExpertSupervisorSupervisor MaintenanceTeacherTeam LeaderTechnical EngineerTechnician TraineeTicket Sales RepresentativeTicketing StaffVice President of Information TechnologyWorks Managerair ticketingairportairport ground staff

Overall Reviews at Indigo Airlines

Flight Attendant | Mumbai, Maharashtra | 20 Oct 2013
exciting and an exposure to the world
●In charge of all the other cabin attendants inflight and responsible for the conduct of the standard operating procedures and duties,alongwith the safety of pax and the aircraft and report accordingly to thecaptain. ●Conduct pre flight briefings about the service procedures, safety and emergency procedures ,first aid and security.Take report from the cabin attendants regarding the status of galleys,compartments and the equipments in the cabin. Allocate duties to the cabin attendants,maintain proper teamwork and coordination on board in consultation with the captain. ●Deliver customer service as per the standards laid by the company,interacting with the pax, anticipating their needs/comfort and also thanking the pax for choosing Indigo and extracting feedback for every flight.Ensure all necessary regular and emergency announcements on time.Check turn out of the crew and report if necessary.Attend to any passenger complaints/problems, medical case on board.Report any cabin incidence/accident on board to the captain. ●On international night stops be responsible for the carriage of all relevant documents and passports of the other crew and also be aware of the regulations of the respective country.Complete the flight report and the necessary documentation on arrival. Icoach Duties & Responsibilities: ● Incharge of a team of 30 crew including cabin attendants and lead cabin attendants ●Coaching/mentoring the new trainees on board on their initial
Prosfree accomodation /lunch/pickup and drop
Flight Attendant | New Delhi, Delhi | 4 Nov 2014
Life changing experience
I had joined this airline at very young age. It was not a typical 9 to 5 job where you have to work with same colleague, every day. This job had put me on spot of dealing with a lot of people with different culture and backgrounds. There was nothing typical about this job; everyday a new experience, new problems and finding new solutions. Best part was, my company encouraged me at every single step. I got recognitions on good performance whereas I had been counselled where I failed to give my 100%, but never got criticism. Management was not rigid about policies. They were flexible in changing as per the requirements. They always gave importance to even smallest of issues. That made us easy in approaching them. Like any typical employee even I was not 100% happy and satisfied with my job. Hardest part was managing my time between my work and family. Uncertainty was the core nature of this job. I felt very depressed especially during festivals and when my family were going on vacations and I could not be a part of it. But I kept going on thinking only one thing, noting is perfect not even me. That's the one of the thought that gave me stability in my job and ofcourse the salary also :-) I learned much from this company and make me more confident. This job has taught me how to do multitasking, how to do your job better than yesterday, how to be a good leader. It is not necessary to learn from your own mistake but learn from others and not make the same mistake
ProsChance of doing shopping at different cities.
ConsUncertain work hours.
Helpdesk | Chennai, Tamil Nadu | 5 Dec 2014
Highly secured job. Had a very good experience in major varieties of situations and environments. Tough job but very interesting and joyful.
Once, a flight got delayed and two flights got cancelled because of bad weather. It was really tough to handle the situation. Because passengers had no idea about these crisis. But all they need is to fly on the booked ticket and land on time. Management helped me and supported me to carry on my job with a less stress and guided me throughout the situation providing suggestions. My manager stood beside me and my co-workers which gave us the strength and courage that we can manage things easily. My co-workers separated the works among us. This really made my job comfort with less grieve and thus we together worked on to get back to the normal behavior. I learnt to handle people in toughest situation from various regions and came to know the power of communication in such scenarios. The most joyful part was when we sorted out the problems and returned back to our office for a meeting, i was proud of myself that i achieved something great. I also felt proud to be a part of such an organization.
Prosno ticket fares for staff.
Conslong hours
Customer Service Representative | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 21 Feb 2015
Lovely work experience
Airline cabin crew are responsible for the comfort, safety and welfare of passengers travelling on aircraft during flights. greeting passengers as they board and exit the plane showing passengers to their seats and providing special attention to certain passengers, such as the elderly or disabled serving meals and refreshments checking the condition and provision of emergency equipment and information for passengers demonstrating emergency equipment and safety procedures administering first aid dealing with emergencies supplying passengers with newspapers, magazines and in-flight entertainment selling duty-free commercial goods and pursuing sales targets producing written flight reports after completing a journey The role can be physically and emotionally demanding; there is a high degree of responsibility involved, and cabin crew are expected to deal with all passengers diplomatically – even when feeling the effects of travelling through time zones and spending extended periods of time on their feet.
ProsFree travel, food and stay at various cities
ConsOdd working hours and physical deterioration
Customer Service Representative | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 18 Aug 2013
fun working and had matured way of handling operations
Typical day at work was when we had to turn around flights within 30 mins was the hardest part of the job ,for that i used to have knowledge how to perform the function, because within 30mins we had to complete unloading and loading of passenger baggage and cargos which was tonnes together and fueling of aircraft, water and toilet facility for the aircraft , cattering , security checks, boarding and de-boarding passengers... I learnt what exactly about team work is... to turn around flight in 30 mins i had to co-ordinate with gound handling agency and allocating the staffs as per the requirements,i used to allocate the ground support staffs according to number of flights on ground...and maintaining the shift as per the given resources and strength of the ground support staffs..Encouraging and training the ground support staffs in order to provide hassle free shift to management.
Consuse to prolong the shift hours whenever there was operational requirements
Senior Executive Coordinator | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 7 Nov 2019
productive and friendly nature company
Ramp Senior Executive” for Indigo Airline Pvt. Ltd;  Handling Reservation & Passenger Queries  Issuing of Boarding Pass to Passengers  Meet and assist passengers  Handling of corporate passengers.  Co-coordinating with passengers regarding their travel needs.  Handling group booking and group travel.  Handling Baggage & Baggage Related Issues.  Coordinating at the boarding gate.  Handling ramp activities such as loading and offloading baggage ‘s, & cargo boarding and deplaning of passengers.  Handling cancellations and changes in flight schedule.  To ensure wingtip clearance between the aircraft, especially wide Bodied.  To maintain cleanliness in the tarmac and ensuring no FOD’s found in the Operational area.  To inspect the airfield at the periodic intervals and ensuring the Leading lines are visible  To prepare daily allocation roster for staff and assign various responsibilities.
Executive | Gurgaon, Haryana | 9 Apr 2013
I am working with indiGo Airlines from Mar 2010. I have enjoyed my job in IndiGo. presently i am working with flight operation team. If you talk about typical day, every day is typical for me. everyday I face challenges because indiGo's strategy is OTP. everyday i learn something new by doing my job, I finish my wok on time. I joined IndiGo as a Security agent in Mar 2010, through IJP (internal job posting) i got the chance to work for flight operation team.I have learnt many thing from IndiGo. IndiGo is very professional company Management is best part of it, Management is very much supportive, they listen to everyone & have friendly nature. all of my co-worker is very helpful & supportive. we have fun along with our job. I can't say any thing about hardest part of job because, whenever i faced any difficulty or problem, i felt good because these part taught me a lot. i gained so much experince from these part. everyday I enjoy my job at IndiGo.
Prosstaff get together
Flight Attendant | Delhi, Delhi | 4 May 2017
allover a learning experience
A typical day at my work includes handling passengers, making sure every person that boards and deplanes is happy with the service. because of this job i have become very patient and open to people's opinions. Also, as this job requires immediate actions in case something in flight goes wrong, i've become much more confident in what i do and vocal about my opinions. As i fly with different set of crew every day, I have become very adaptable and friendly. Its easier for em now to strike up a conversation. The hardest part about my job would be maintaining my appearance even during long flights and not having a regular routine. the most enjoyable would be getting to travel to new places every second day and meeting new people everyday.
Prosstaff leisure travel
Conslong hours
Customer Service Representative | Pune, Maharashtra | 4 Oct 2016
always full of experiences
it was always fun and challenging working with Indigo. when you were a uniform of airline that feeling was always a proud and reputation. while handling operations winter season was little difficult yet full of new experiences part because at my station almost three four flights used to get delay in winters, but then when even after coming late we all team members try our best to depart before time and most of the time we managed if, and that feeling of pressure and hard work is really enjoyable. sometimes passengers also show faith on us the approach to us and says that "we know Indigo Team will send us on time no matter what will be the condition, that is why we like Indigo" and that was always a 'blush moment' for us.
Prosover time, staff travel facility
Customer Service Representative | Nagpur, Maharashtra | 29 Jun 2013
very professional working culture
IndiGo is built for people with things to do, places to be, people to see - who don't want to waste time, money or energy in the process. By minimizing the cost/time/tension of air travel, IndiGo opens up a country full of opportunities. With IndiGo, you've got a billion reasons to fly! IndiGo incorporates the best hardware, software, interface design & personnel from around the world. The IndiGo team uses all of these resources to design processes and rules that are safe and simple, that make sense, and that cut waste and hassles, which in turn ensures a uniquely smooth, seamless, precise, gimmick-free customer experience at fares that are always affordable. IndiGo focuses on doing one thing, and doing it well.

Questions And Answers about Indigo Airlines

Does indigo charges any security fee and training fee ?
Asked 14 Jun 2017
No they won't charge anything no airlines will charge for training and job
Answered 27 Dec 2022
Yes is right
Answered 10 Aug 2020
What should you wear to an interview at Indigo Airlines?
Asked 26 Feb 2017
In training period their will be any exam
Answered 14 Mar 2022
Skirt, Half Sleeve Shirt(any light color prf.),stockings,black formal hills.
Answered 17 May 2019
What is interview process like at Indigo Airlines?
Asked 26 Feb 2017
Ground staff and airport job and day job
Answered 25 Dec 2022
I had 2 rounds while my interview gd and pi n i am waiting for mail because they said to wait
Answered 15 Dec 2019
What is Indigo Airlines vacation policy? How many vacation days do you get per year?
Asked 14 Nov 2022
Answered 6 Jun 2023
Ground job
Answered 18 May 2023
What questions did they ask during your interview at Indigo Airlines?
Asked 30 Apr 2022
Tell about yourself
Answered 12 May 2023
WHy I hire u
Answered 4 Apr 2023