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Customer Service Representative | India | 5 Oct 2018
it was mostly about team work , there was regular customer interraction , managing cash registers,
a usual day seemed to be quiet busy there was a lot of work to do but it was easy because of the team work and member relations.they were many things you could learn like improving communication skills, how to manage people and also to help people in their queries. culture at vishal mega mart was very nice everyone was friendly with each other use to help one another. you can easily ask manager if you don't understand things . the enjoyable part was that while doing job you wont feel like you are doing job it was quiet fin and challenging.
Pros10% off of every thing we buy
Conswork on weekends sometime
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Abohar, Punjab | 9 Jan 2019
Productive and fun workplace
My experience with vishal mega mart was pretty good.I learned lot of things regarding job culture and ethics.I learned various qualities like time management,responsibility and emphathetic behaviour towards the fellow workers. My job was really fun thing to do as I enjoyed doing it a lot.I love handling cash and credit transactions as I am a commerce student and detailing each and every thing is my favourite thing to do.I love meeting people with different cultural background as I love talking to them so thats the most lovable part of any job for me.
Sales Assistant | Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | 31 Oct 2014
Productive and team picnics after festivals
The typical days were very busy dealing with the customers. Since, the job was completely customer focused so I got to learn dealing with the customers of different requirements and from varied cultures as India is a land of varied cultures, including people from varied backgrounds. It was a wholesome team with whom I worked and all my co-workers were great friends in on time and so we enjoyed working with each other and that was the best part of this job. I didn't find anything hard about in Vishal Mega Mart.
ProsTeam work and team fun
ConsOnly once a day off in a week
Assistant Store Manager | New Delhi, Delhi | 19 Oct 2015
VISHAL MEGA MART is an awesome brand to work with and it taught me much about corporate and retail.
Vishal Mega Mart is an orgainsation where we have flexibility in work. As it was my first co. so it taught me how to tackel customers, entertain them and build healthy relationship. It evn taught me how to work on SAP. How well to manage team and to control over shrinkage is very well taught to me in Vishal Mega Mart. Overall we can make out its fun working with Vishal Mega Mart.
ProsFlexibility in working culture
ConsNot getting immediate help from HO for urgent need.
Department Manager | Silchar, Assam | 16 Dec 2020
Depends upon your upper head
Hr policy is very bad. Within 10 days they change my location 3 times dur to internal politics. After that zero respect for this company. Few peoples are very good also. When i was in silchar, there SM, Asm was good. So it depends upon your luck whom you meet. After relocation they not approve my relocation leaves which is a part of their policy not given hotel expenses also.
ProsNo sales target
ConsLong hours, not getting your off when you actually needed, your weekly off also Laps due to asm, rm visit or any other f**king reasons..
Cashier/Sales | Ludhiana, Punjab | 28 Dec 2017
Productive and fun workplace with lot of benefits also
I worked at vishal mega mart for short period of time and in this time the whole staff became my family as everyone was so welcoming and lovely and funny at the same time . Company provides lot of benefits also like free lunch and shopping vouchers and to make us quite competitive they use to give some extra bonus to the person who has does more sale and result use to come at end of every month . So it was good to work there
ProsFree lunch and shopping vouchers
ConsLong hours
Customer Service Representative | Batala, Punjab | 6 Mar 2015
Friendly environment with great opportunities to enhance skills.
It was the very first day there. I did not know at all how to receive the cash from customers and how to handle them. My manager came to me and stood by me for 2 hours and kept on teaching me. The hardest part of job was to handle the difficult customers but i am proud that despite of difficulties I handled them well. The most enjoyable part was to guide the customers if they have asked for anything.
Consonly once a day off in a week
Store Manager | Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh | 5 Nov 2012
easy to shop place, customers satisfactions, healthy enviornment,maximum output with the minimum resources,
here the company gets the max. output with the min. resources, always try to satisfy to the customers, and always try to make it easy to shop, always try to reduce the controllable expenses, to give the new ideas for VM's, new ideas to reduce the shrink, new ideas to motivate to employee's,
Prosenjoy like a store family in lunch time, play new games to motivate the employees
Conslong followup with the ho.
Department Manager | Delhi, Delhi | 20 Jan 2020
Worst Company & High Level Integrity by Area Managers & Store Managers.
This is the worst retail company i have ever worked with. Even the Area manager is also involved in integrity & making handsome amount by scrap & bulk sale. and if you will raise your voice against this they will issue PIP to you and ask you to leave the company as they will have to keep making the money. All the stock take is fake & they never shows the actual result. They don't want to work with hardworking & educated peoples.
Cashier | India | 3 Sept 2014
Very good working place with every employee co-operative
It was the very first day there. I did not know at all how to receive the cash from customers and how to handle them. My manager came to me and stood by me for 2 hours and kept on teaching me. The hardest part of job was to handle the difficult customers but i am proud that despite of difficulties I handled them well. The most enjoyable part was to guide the customers if they have asked for anything.
ProsPicnic at weekends
ConsHad to stand for long hours

Questions And Answers about Vishal Mega Mart

What questions did they ask during your interview at Vishal Mega Mart?
Asked 23 Apr 2017
What’s your goal
Answered 18 Nov 2022
Always good
Answered 13 Sept 2022
What are the perks offered by Vishal Mega Mart?
Asked 2 Jul 2017
Nothing Incentive. Only Sweet lollipop.
Answered 20 Mar 2020
Worst. Never Join Vishal Mega Mart. Unprofessional Company. No Timing of Working. 12-15 Hours Working Normal. No Week offs Given.
Answered 20 Mar 2020
How often do raises occur at Vishal Mega Mart?
Asked 29 Aug 2019
Answered 28 Dec 2022
Fabulous wonderful amazing place to stay work.
Answered 4 Aug 2021
How does someone get hired at Vishal Mega Mart? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 5 May 2017
Just go their back office. They have vacancy Everytime. They increase and decrease manpower requirement every fortnightly on the basis of sale. If their sale is less they will fire you if sale is good they will hire. Same process going on fortnightly.
Answered 20 Mar 2020
Applying then passed personal interview then anyone can hire on the qualification and experience basis
Answered 2 Aug 2017
What is interview process like at Vishal Mega Mart?
Asked 5 May 2017
First training about job skills then join
Answered 13 Oct 2018
In the visual mega mart 15days training if you learn easily that how you are satisfy customer so that you are selected.
Answered 3 Mar 2018