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Executive | Padrauna, Uttar Pradesh | 29 Sept 2017
I have no exprience in any fields i am fresher Highlight the highlights. Don't be shy about letting your boss know how you have shone during the review period. This is the place to boast with grace and diplomacy and, naturally, without putting any of your colleagues down. Don't worry about modesty here; this is your opportunity to toot your own horn—and loudly. Don't forget about achievements made early on in the performance review period. Your boss cannot possibly remember all of your projects and your participation. Go back over documents and e-mails to help you remember your earlier accomplishments. Don't be stuffy. One of the benefits of a writing a self-review is its tendency to lead to constructive dialogue between you and your supervisor. Try to write in a conversational style—one that is as natural as the verbal back-and-forth that will hopefully follow the completion of the self-review.
Retail Advisor | Bengaluru, Karnataka | 24 Mar 2017
The productivity is good but the models are same and the features related to the models are also same and the fun workplace is very good
Totally compared to OPPO and gionee and other brands accept Samsung and iPhones vivo is good ....and we can learn more about the feature and we can have fun workplace in entire training meetings and in the oil season we can have a bug growth to make to prove our talents s well in sales or in any part to make a special place in vivo mobiles
ProsThere is no lunches in training and meeting
ConsLong over hours, in festivals season, also late night and no week offs in pressure time and situations .....
Store Manager | Golaghat, Assam | 9 Jul 2019
All are good ... Always miss that days when I was worked that place.
I learned what sales or how to sales, teamworks, leadership, business development, managment are good,some times are stric.otherwys its good fore company grought, workculture are also good. Management teach every single part's of company culture its very great full ,management gave me to good place to worked and prodeus my salef.the hardest part was that by hook and cook sale out and attend ate all mittings on time.delling with customer, working that time thought positive, I enjoyed sales out, learning .
Production Engineer | Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh | 27 Dec 2020
Un predictable overtime, at the end of shift you will get to know about the hectic overtime of minimum 2 hours to 4 hours
High overtime hours, No planning of overtime in day and night shift. Sunday will be working for production team. No overtime pay will be given sometimes. Senior will always de-motivate you by yelling on you, Nobody wants to work for their responsibility in major issue
ProsFree lunch, dinner, transportation
ConsUn predictable overtime of 2 hours, 3 hours or 4hours = 14 hour shift, production will run in sunday means 7 days all
Operator | Noida, Uttar Pradesh | 20 Mar 2017
Nice company and I learned how to prepare for the best data operating part. Management is so good. In this job time so hard work because timing is so late. Good one part is incentive
ProsVivo / Telefonica was a good company for work. They offer good benefices as insure healthy, mobile phone. As an international and huge company, they offer opportunity engaged in great projects.
ConsAs an international and huge company there are some problems with making decisions.
Human Resources Specialist | Gurgaon District, Haryana | 23 Dec 2018
Worst work environment . Chinese are all above and they play with us like puppets
Worst work environment in vivo corporate office Palm spring plaza, No Job security for a single, mgmt can decide anything without any valid proof. keep politics always else you will lose ur job you will feel dominating role after joining. no fixed policy. you will get surprise daily /weekly / 6 days working.
ConsWeek Mgmt, Job Politics, job security, 6 days working, worst many things
Trainee Engineer | Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh | 30 Oct 2019
The Workculture
Okay if are graduate specially for production engineer profile you must be Btech , If you enjoy people shouting on you , unethical working culture , your work will there only to get the output by shouting on operators and this , No technical knowledge is applied . Please don't waste your time joining this , if you are coming in engineering department then it will mean something but please bddon't come in production
Sales Executive | Hassan, Karnataka | 15 Dec 2022
Management is not good
Salary purpose that management peoples are not for our executive only for marketing only for money earning They are not helping to company workers if any person (sales executive) has call them no response in that side they asking only sales sales sales i have an helath issue no leave some one is dead in family no leave only work
ProsNo fecilty are there do the work get salary that's it
ConsNo leaves no break
Company is good but mangment is not good
Company is good but mangment not good I have done 3 years work but result is not good This company not increase my salary CEO is not good at manner he never speak in poilet CEO always in angry in that company staff is also not good they don't know about important of staff they only look at work. HR never talk with us. They don't give leave to us they didn't give leave to go home ..
Sales Executive | Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh | 30 Aug 2017
i want earn more money to my family that's why m resigned the job
M very passionate about my job but i have a nice job and facilities when m enjoyed the job nd do my work properly In vivo my condition is so bad not air condition available in the outlet so many rush uneducated peoples came here nd asking more than disaster que nd passing the time out there anyway. now m find the nice Job do I deserve thank you so much....

Questions And Answers about vivo Mobile India Pvt Ltd

If you were to leave vivo Mobile India Pvt Ltd, what would be the reason?
Asked 20 Mar 2017
No matter how much work is done, no one knows all the people.
Answered 19 Jun 2020
I have done 3 years work but my salary is not increase and there is no self respect so that I have leave. In another company each year salary increase but this company never increase Salary in so long time.
Answered 17 Jun 2020
What is the work environment and culture like?
Asked 31 May 2017
Yes u are right
Answered 7 Dec 2019
I'm worked in vivo company before 1 year 6 months As a Team leader from moradabad.(UP) At that time moradabad calture is very bad and envirment also because my TSM ,ASM are not support to hardworking Employee. he is always support and save blood relation peoples thats by i leave this job. but i love vivo. i'm find other city & state job in vivo. i have good knowladge in mobile industry , Vivo.
Answered 28 Jan 2018
What would you suggest vivo Mobile India Pvt Ltd management do to prevent others from leaving?
Asked 24 Mar 2017
Vivo india and regional hiring agency of vivo should improve their salary structure for experienced candidate, and stop doing internal politics in sales specially. they teach the BENFEN in their training session, but they self not implement in their working life style.
Answered 15 Jun 2020
Vivo india and regional hiring agency of vivo should improve their salary structure for experienced candidate, and stop doing internal politics in sales specially. they teach the BENFEN in their training session, but they self not implement in their working life style.
Answered 15 Jun 2020
How did you feel about telling people you worked at vivo Mobile India Pvt Ltd?
Asked 18 Mar 2017
Company have great future, growing company
Answered 17 Nov 2017
Position good and salary well ..
Answered 31 Aug 2017
What benefits does vivo Mobile India Pvt Ltd offer?
Asked 2 Nov 2021
Working style
Answered 27 Nov 2022
There is no benefits
Answered 8 Nov 2022