Business Development Executive

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Skills :
To be an effective business development executive, an individual must be:

Socially adept

Good with numbers

Able to provide quality leadership to a large team of sales people

The skills you need to excel in this position include:
Strong communication and IT fluency

Creative talents and the ability to solve tough problems

In-depth knowledge of the industry and its current events

The ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines

Skill in prioritizing and training obligations

Attention to detail

Excellent time management and organisation

Business Development Education and Career Development

Though there are rarely formal qualifications, many organisations require a degree from their applicants. For those hoping to eventually attain this position, business or math’s degrees are extremely beneficial, and may even help students acquire work through a graduate training program.

Many entrants, however, begin working as salespeople or marketers before being promoted, and there are also many apprenticeships available in the sector. For those in junior roles, additional Level 2 qualifications in Business Principles, Sales Management, and Marketing can help young professionals advance their careers much more rapidly than they otherwise would.

After gaining industry experience and familiarity with the sector, professionals can also boost their resumes by obtaining Level 3, 4, and 5 diplomas in sales and marketing courses. In the UK, the Chartered Institute of Marketing is an excellent resource for earning these advanced degrees.

Contracting Vs Permanent Positions

While both contracting and permanent in-house positions are available to business development executives, the latter is far more common in the workplace today. For those who can manage to make it work, freelance business development offers a host of advantages.

So if you are considering setting your sights on a contract-based career, here are some things to keep in mind:

Pros of Contracting

Flexible scheduling and hours

Option to work from home and/or remotely

Ability to work in diverse industries and experience a wide variety of company cultures

Freedom to choose and turn down projects

The possibility of higher pay for those who are successful

Complete independence and not having superiors to answer to

Cons of Contracting

Irregular and inconsistent pay

The necessity to do much more bookkeeping, invoicing, quoting, etc.

Limited job security

No team and a limited ability to delegate tasks to others

The need to regularly acquire new clients

Business Development Challenges

Business development executives face a number of challenges in their work. These include:

Managing underperforming team members

Suffering from downturns in the industry and/or economy

Losing clients to superior competitors

Responding to negative press about the company and/or products

Dealing with customers unsatisfied with the quality of the product or service