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Simply Hired's publisher program makes it easy to add relevant job listings to your website.


Hosted Job Board Software

(Currently available for publishers in the United States only.)

Job-a-matic lets publishers and bloggers instantly create a job board. We've made it easy to customize the colors, domain name, job categories, and prices to fit your needs.

You also have access to Simply Hired's sponsored job listings, and you'll get paid every time a visitor clicks on a job. Job-a-matic is like free job board software, with no installation and free customer service.

We also offer publishers a job widget and other tools to help them promote their job board in other areas of their site.

Join over 25,000 other publishers and sign-up for a Job-a-matic job board today!

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Create a Job Site


Add Job Search to Your Portal or Web Application

Simply Hired's jobs XML API lets web publishers use our database of 5M jobs to develop custom job search sites, job widgets, mashups, and career-related internet applications.

The data available through the Simply Hired API is derived from job listings aggregated from thousands of career websites and an advanced job search algorithm.

For access to our Job Search API, please create a Job-a-matic job board and view the "Advanced" tab for complete documentation.

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Simply Hired is the Chosen Job Search Provider for:

  • IDG Enterprise
  • Topix
  • BusinessWeek
  • Washington Post
  • FOX TV

...and thousands of other sites